The Oscar Policy Group, LLC, is a firm committed to strong leadership, team-building, and substantial achievements for our clients. Businesses, corporations, non-profits, and associations alike are finding how important a viable public affairs strategy is for survival in today’s constricting economy and changing government. The Oscar Policy Group’s clients benefit from the expertise and ability that comes from more than 20 years of legislative consulting experience, which offers our clients an opportunity to remain relevant and influential by providing legislative strategies for issue promotion and public awareness. With our well-respected and professional staff, you are not just guaranteed results, but also a level of accessibility that many firms are unable to provide. We look forward to effectively representing your needs.

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Mike Oscar

Michael T. Oscar is a managing partner at Oscar Policy Group, LLC, a firm with more than two decades of combined Capitol Hill experience. Prior to this partnership, Mr. Oscar worked in the public sector for 12 years, most recently as senior legislative and political staff to U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter, where he worked for eight years. His tenure as Congressional staff has spanned both Republican and Democratic [ … ] Read More

Shannon Oscar

Shannon Oscar is a managing partner at Oscar Policy Group, LLC. She has nearly two decades of fundraising and political experience in Washington and Pennsylvania. As a key aide to Senators and Congressmen in Washington and on the trail of numerous campaigns, Shannon has built a career in politics based on consistently providing the results demanded by her clients. As a proven consultant [ … ] Read More

Kate Schramm is Vice President of Government Affairs at Oscar Policy Group. Prior to joining the Oscar Policy Group, Kate earned 15 years of government experience in both Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. in both chambers of Congress and in the State Executive Branch.  This experience has fostered a do what needs to be done attitude that is critical to navigating the complexities [ … ] Read More

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